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Jocelyn's Choice

Jocelyn Andrews, a shy, awkward, high school senior, has never even been on a date until she meets Alex Jordan, the older, more experienced brother of her best friend Evan. Jocelyn falls hard for the charming player and wants to explore all of the “firsts” that go along with young love. Alex has no problem showing her what she's been missing.

Alex is captivated by young, innocent Jocelyn and to his own surprise, only has eyes for her. One night of careless passion leads to a life-altering dilemma. Alex must head back to Yale to finish an internship, having no idea what he's left behind. Jocelyn must decide what to do on her own, forcing her to grow up much faster than she anticipated.

Reality sets in, decisions are made and Jocelyn has to live with her choices. Alex returns home to more than he ever bargained for. Young love has never been more complicated as they deal with a teen pregnancy, social barriers, and concerned family members. Life sometimes throws a curve ball, but the unexpected isn't always bad.

Author: Ella Jade
Pages: 190
Reading time: 3.5 hours

This is a book I liked right away. Jocelyn seems very down to earth and straightforward. Her thoughts are very nice and I liked her right away. Alex seems like the worlds most handsome man and I can get a little infatuated with the way she describes him. The book itself, I feel is actually quite fast. It is not very big and it means I read it very quickly. I would have liked for the author to wright more about what happened after the book ended, and also that she would go more in the details.

I quickly became fond of the book and I did not know how the story would progress through the book.

I recommend the book for those who like books about teenage pregnancies and love.

This author has a foot in a few different genres and this makes some scenes, like the sex scenes much better than other books in this gender. This is because she is extremely good at writing erotic books. The first book I read by her is Be My Everything and I loved that book.

I wish the cover was so different. Don’t judge the book by the cover is all I’m going to say. Because if you do, you will miss a good story.

The title is perfect for this book.

From me it gets a 4/6

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