onsdag 26. september 2012

Make Me Stay

Can the sub teach the Dom to play?

Natural submissive Gracie Miller thought she had found her other half in Cade Jameson. Not only did he help her through a difficult time in her life, in the bedroom he brought her more pleasure than she could have ever imagined. They seemed perfect for each other.

Cade knew what he wanted in the bedroom. Gracie brought out his domineering side and ignited his passion. But he feared he was too dominant for this beautiful, naïve girl, who was so young and impressionable, so he ended their relationship.

Two and a half years later, Gracie returns to town a new woman. She had moved to the city and found a "Master" who showed her what she was truly capable of. Now she's back and wants to show Cade exactly what kind of submissive she could be for him.

But after hearing all that she's experienced, Cade now wonders if he's dominant enough to satisfy her. Can he be the man Gracie needs him to be?

Author: Ella Jade
Pages: 69
Reading time: 4 hours

Another wonderful book by Ella Jade... And this time it's time for a sub to teach a Dom how a D/s relationship should be.

I love that Gracie has a very special love for Cade, she let another man dominate her and make her into a real submissive, for the one she loves.

The book is about how they find there way to a D/s relationships and how they get back together.
In the beginning I feel sorry for Cade, Gracie is "bad" because she met someone else and got help. Although Cade was the one who threw out Gracie.
I also think Gracie not over Martin, she calls Martin Master when she thinks of him and talks about him.

The best scene for me is the scene the author herself has told me she wrote first, where Gracie kneels in front of Martin. The scene is special and I see the scene in front of me. The way Martin still care about Gracie is so incredibly beautiful.

I fell for Martin and I’m looking forward to his story Surrender to Me when it’s coming…

Ella Jade has become one of my favorite authors in kink. She has written many kinky books, but also an incredible book about a pregnant teenager who has become my favorite in the genre...

I recommend all kink lovers to read this book.

I love the cover it is so incredibly hot and steamy...

The title is good for the history, it is really what Cade has to do to keep Gracie.

The book gets 6 of 6 from me because it is a perfect book with lots of kink, love and drama.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review. I'm thrilled you liked Make Me Stay and I can't wait to share Martin's story:)