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My Favorite Mistake

Taylor Caldwell can't decide if she wants to kiss her new college roommate or punch him.

On the one hand, Hunter Zaccadelli is a handsome, blue-eyed bundle of charm. On the other, he's a tattooed, guitar-playing bundle of bad boy. Maybe that's why Taylor's afraid of falling in love with him, or anyone else. She doesn't want to get burned, and even though her other roommates adore him, she wants him gone before it's too late.

Hunter himself has been been burned before, but the fact that Taylor calls him out on his crap and has the sexiest laugh ever make him decide maybe love isn't a lost cause. They make a bet: if she can convince him she truly loves or hates him, he'll leave the apartment--and leave her alone. The problem is, the more time they spend together, the less she hates him, and the more she moves toward love.

But when the man who holds the key to Taylor's fear of giving up her heart resurfaces and threatens to wreck everything, she has to decide: trust Hunter with her greatest secret, or do everything in her power to win that bet and drive him away forever.

Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Pages: 326
Reading time: 6 hours

This is the second book I've read by Chelsea M. Cameron and I'm starting to like this writer more and more. The first book I read was that Whispers that it’s a fantasy trilogy. And I'm totally hooked. Looking forward to reading more of this author.

My Favorite Mistake is a book that draws you in from the first sentence. To start the book by saying "The first time I met Hunter Zaccadelli, I punched him in the face. Granted, he completely and totally deserved it. He also asked for it, in some ways. " just make you want to read more.

The story is amazing and I love how they always banter, but really want each other.
We realize that Hunter wants to get Taylor to bed, but not quite when he decides he wants them to be more.Taylor has really fancy Hunter from the start she’s to afraid of her feelings.

Taylor has a huge and difficult secret that makes her the way she is. I have my suspicions, but we do not get to know them immediately. She is tough and has no problem saying what she wants to say, but also very nervous and scared at times.

Hunter has badboy written all over it, but also has a soft side. His very cocky, but he's really very sweet and kind. The badboy image is a mask that he puts up because he has something to hide.

Both of them change a lot throughout the story and I'm hooked. Wish there were more books about them, but I also don’t because I hope nothing more bad things happened with them. They have been through enough when this book ends.

The book has everything I look for when I read a book, it has action - I get the urge to follow jump in the book and help, it has humor - that makes me laugh out loud and people around me think I'm crazy, it has some sad scenes that makes tears roll, it’s a lot drama because of the two lover birds and lots of sexy boys and sex talking.

The title is perfect for the book because of the bet.

The cover is cute and it's really how I envision both of them to look like.

The book gets 6 of 6 from me. It gives me, as I said all I need to like the book and would read it again for the history's sake.

The book has 18-year limit!

Looking forward to see what the author comes with next.

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